The Best Chess Opponent

DeepShredder13Hi, I would like to present to you the best chess game I love, it is simple, ascetic, strong enough and always have time even if it is a bit anonymous, the game has a name and it is Deep Shredder 13. The game was quite difficult in many moments where I did not know what to do. I almost lose my voice to comments entire game took me almost 1 hour. Chess for me is the best game that it is, it started to be a bit popular. I also tried to promote the computer opponent as I said was Deep Shredder 13. Who knows, maybe I get a discount on version 14 ;-). I am checking if there is any update of the game from time to time and still waiting for version 14. I will keep going to practice with this. If you like to play with me, please use the contact form and we can do that ;-). Thanks for reading!

p ;).

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