Hi, today I am under a big impression as a participant in the NVIDIA GTC 2021. So there are still two days of GTC 2021 left. To me, it all started with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s vision, and this morning was the start of the conference with him. And his grand vision in the GPU-Computing area. And I do not want to waste any minute at this moment and watch more presentations. Conferences are usually where you may mentally feel at home, sounded by people who love the same technical things as you do. For many years there were names like nerd, geek, etc. I also remember many jokes about programmers. But for a few years, I have observed that programming, GPU-computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have become… sexy. I was wondering about your thoughts. So I am back to the conference, this is not a relation or advertisements. I just wanted to share my thoughts in a few sentences and go back to online GPU-computing haven :-). Thanks for reading!


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