PhD is not for me

PS Pink GlassesHello, it is hard to believe, but this is the 230th post on this blog. Time goes fast. But this is not the subject of today’s post. About a half year ago, I decided on it. I would like to officially say that I dropped the Ph.D. program and will not do it again, at least for some time. After two tries in 2019 and 2021 of starting the Ph.D. implementation studies, I realized that it is tough to finish with success at such a prestigious studies level in a technical field. And also that it is a two side sword. When you work full time and do the Ph.D., some intelligent people outside see it and say, well, it is a great company he works for because He has time for such significant achievement. And some other smart people inside the company I was working for may say it is excellent. For example, I can also participate in publications, and a win-win situation happens. But life is not so “romantic.” People who have no idea how much effort you have to spend see that you start to be less efficient at work. I was trying to achieve a Ph.D. in an implementation program which means I was trying to find something beneficial to the company I worked for and do some research. Then publish some findings, lessons learned, etc. But in practice, it was like on the below well-known poster. Sorry I could not find the author of the Iceberg of Success. It shows exactly what I faced. And to be very accurate, I would add only one verb that makes my personal iceberg not flood by life ocean: PRAY to Holly God as often as possible. I know I am not Bono, but I see success in life through similar “pink glasses.” ;-).


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