How AI improve business

Hello, I am impressed by the last talk on TED by Shervin Khodabandeh. and it inspired me to write this post here. The TED talk points out that AI is better for suggestions and advice for people, and in the end, people make a decision. Please think about bank credit, the next chess move, and new sell or buy opportunities in the investments.

Recently I made a new site for testing my work on Computer Vision at because of two reasons. First, I wanted to use an excellent domain name I have, and second, I wanted to give anyone the publicly available possibility to play with the Yolo4 model in action to test it by using the below image link.

There are a few classes of AI. Let me name a few, detection, classification, transformation, clustering, recognition, speech, and vision. Humans can use AI like a bike machine to move faster in those AI classes. That, I believe, is the most critical aspect of implementation and perfectly agrees with another super mind of our times also from TED pointed below Sylvain Duranton.

He also points out a similar viewpoint that people should not be replaced by AI. Once the people experience charge, the loop is super important. I would add from myself that mentioned below by the presenter Human Zero paradigm has no future.

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