The way from zero to team player

Hi, my dear readers. Today I would like to write about my way of growing in my career. It took me a lot of time, really. The elevator speech said I was a zero, the hero, and even a superhero for a short period, and then I realized the equation. That team player behavior equals me = me+team and grows exponentially. For everyone who loves math, you probably see that. If you put the team and me on opposites sides of the equation, it becomes 2*me = team. What does it mean? A bit philosophically. In short, it means that the team doubles your effort and skills. Let’s stay in math, me = unit/2, right? And it means that in the team, you divide by half the possible difficulties and challenging moments during your career, but also prizes.

Baseball Team

Now, let’s put some numbers into the equations. If you work, even as a superhero, it is only you… so me = 1 or simple let’s keep it as me, the team let’s make a small team of 4, and we can now calculate if acting as a team player make sense. My productivity is me = 5, my amount of work is 2*me = 4 and my prize to share is me = 2. And I am not sure if you got this, but pride on both sides of the equation can be divided by 2, so me = 2 in the amount of work, right? And now the work amount and the prize are the same. Now, let me leave you with this math problem: me = 1 and team = 40. Remember, math is always the truth! ;-). And the thing we discover here is the team play synergy! ;-).

p ;-).

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