iChess.io v2.27

This is a day, I was looking forward entire year. I remember the moment when we discuss with Professor Jacek Izydorczyk the subject of math oriented AI that can be very enjoyable and valuable, the Game of Kings. But first, we considered to reaserch AI in the medical aspects of usage, the financial, and then I told that the best in class AI is for gaming but the only game I am able cannot be complex like such amazing strategy I love, The Settlers New Alliance where only map editor is missing… ;-). We wanted to keep in mind usage of GPU and using maybe Darknet on OpenCL and Computer Vision techniques. I said, maybe Chess? And Professor smiled and said that is a very good idea to reaserch. As you know, I failed two times when I try implementation PhD in two companies… But today I do not want to tell about work politics only about Chess.

Looking back a year back, choosing Chess as an aspect of reaserch was very enjoyable process. Integration with my OpenCL engine very challenging. Combining simple things and just use C/C++ on GNU/Linux. Making all engine ready to REST/API accelerated by GPU. I remember many sleepless nights, when I felt cold and with only me, dark best C/C++ IDE I know, the Jet-Brains CLion and the game engine, that we called the iChess.io. You can see the samples of the development process on my YouTube videos.

Today I am very proud to share here that my self-employment company iSowa.io deployed production version of the iChess.io to makes Chess gamers happy ;-). There were tons of ideas, re-tries, combinations and self-study on my site. But at the end I love it. Btw, it is optimized for iOS Safari at any iPhone or iPad. You can play on any OS at least on the GNU/Linux, macOS, iOS, FreeBSD and Windows as well. I am still working on the publication about technical details, but you may have a chance to look what is the in-memory log of play Chess game at iChess.io site.

The last but no least is the fact that I super seriously taking your privacy human right. So there is not and never will be any privacy oriented data collection on this site. So enjoy the Game at the iChess.io and I will focus on the technical publication available soon for all engineers wanted to know how I build the logic of the game and integrated with GPU computing. That will be fun! ;-).

p ;).

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