MacOS पर विवरण में v3.27 पोर्टेबल बैकएंड

Product of the Year 2023

And the winner is the latest possible Hackintosh based on Intel CPU. The Next-Gen Hania PC 2023. Geekbench 6 Results! 😉 p ;). v2.27.1 Ready to Play

Training of Portable v2.27 vs Stockfish 15.1

Portable Version of v2.27 v2.27

This is a day, I was looking forward entire year. I remember the moment when we discuss with Professor Jacek Izydorczyk the subject of math oriented AI that can be very enjoyable and valuable, the Game of Kings. But first, we considered to reaserch AI in the medical aspects of usage, the financial, and then I told that the best in class AI is for gaming but the only game I am Continue v2.27

The v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning ;-)

नमस्ते, it has been some time since the last entry on this blog… ;-). I almost forget how nice it is to write a blog post in the middle of the night with AirPods music :पी. Truth be told, I almost dropped this project once on the I could not make sufficient working self-learning of the chess. I do not want to use any books on chess, only, like they Continue ReadingThe v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning 😉

The v1.0 Ready to Play Publicly

The SettersAt Last for PC after 120k moves