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Hello, my dear readers! Today I want to write about all rumors I found about tomorrow’s big event, the Apple Fall Event 2021So, what could we expect? I think many analytics and market experts want to know the answer. What do I think it may be? WellNew Apple Watch 7 with body temperature and blood sugar level would break through in the industry. I was also thinking about a new category of device that Apple could reinventsome rumors say it will be a car, but I think the car is far too expensiveso maybe something different. And to be serious, I think the only class ready for millions and moving around is a bike. Seriously Apple could reinvent it. However, it probably never does, once it is not thegadgetsflavor. And you may tell me I am crazy, and AR glasses will be the following product of a super cool company from Cupertino in California.

And you are probably right. In my understanding, a bike is not like we can say, “a motorcycle, a bike”… it is something revolutionary as a bike for humanity, or reinventing something so valuable, energy low, CO2 limiting, make us faster than any other species on the planetWhen I see an AD image from the Apple event, I think about the glass surface and glass logoand glasses AR of course, but I am too old, and AR is too far for me. Why? Because it is too far, primarily if someone controls it, have you ever thought about how much useless information we see on social media? Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Reaaserchgate (well, maybe not this one :-)), how many unnecessary emails do we read? Now imagine you were glasses that transform your mind intoall the time enabled screen with all that wherever you want that or not. So, call me a technology dinosaur if you prefer, but I do like to waste my time and look at things I want to look at, tangible things, not artificial reality but real! However, returning to the subject, I am more than interested in buying Apple Watch 7, even if I have to charge it every night :D.

As people who know me know, I love watches I can trust with the correct time, but now Apple Watch 7 will probably be more capable of computing in 1 second than NASA’s overall computers on Moon Spaceship time in 1 dayThe last one could be awesome to have a nanoSIM card in the MacBook Pro 13if that 2021 edition is announced tomorrowThank you very much for spending here a couple of your minutes. Thank you very much for reading!

If you want to add this event to your calendar, I am attaching the ICS image/link below. Kösz!

Apple Event Fall 2021

Köszönöm, hogy elolvasta! All the best on the 256th day of the year for all coders/hackers/wizards! :D.


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