iChess.io v2.27

Ez egy nap, Egész évet vártam. Emlékszem arra a pillanatra, amikor Jacek Izydorczyk professzorral megvitattuk a matematika-orientált mesterséges intelligencia témáját, amely nagyon élvezetes és értékes lehet., a Királyok játéka. De először, fontolóra vettük a mesterséges intelligencia kutatását a felhasználás orvosi vonatkozásaiban, a pénzügyi, és akkor azt mondtam, hogy az osztályban a legjobb mesterséges intelligencia a játékokhoz való, de én vagyok az egyetlen játék Olvasson továbbiChess.io v2.27

Az iChess.io v1.27 készen áll a nyilvános játékra a megerősítő tanulással ;-)

Szia, eltelt egy kis idő a blog utolsó bejegyzése óta… ;-). Szinte elfelejtem, milyen jó blogbejegyzést írni az éjszaka közepén AirPods zenével :P. Az igazat megvallva, Egyszer majdnem kiejtettem ezt az iChess.io projektet az aiChess.io-n, nem tudtam kellően működő sakk-öntanulni. Nem akarok semmilyen sakkkönyvet használni, csak, mint ők Olvasson továbbAz iChess.io 1.27-es verziója készen áll a nyilvános játékra a megerősítő tanulással 😉

Darknet on OpenCL on FreeBSD 13.1

Szia, recently I helped a bit for a GitHub user rajhlinux. I am not sure if you are familiar with this Operation System. I am only a bit. But the beauty of C and C++ is that it works on different OSes and works fast! Below cute daemon image is from Wikipedia, and you can click on it to learn more. This user, a fan of FreeBSD, was using version 13.1 and Olvasson továbbDarknet on OpenCL on FreeBSD 13.1

Darknet on OpenCL on Windows 11 x64

Szia, there are many challenges on Windows 11 x64 with AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT. For the last few months, from time to time, I started to try to build on Windows 10 x64 first and later I updated to Windows 11 x64. There are the following open issues I faced: 1) Time spent on detection is a bit longer than on GNU/Linux or macOS. 2) Detections seem fine when I try Olvasson továbbDarknet on OpenCL on Windows 11 x64

The Multi-GPU-SET Idea

Hello, I am a Ph.D. student in Poland at the Silesian University of Technology. And I wanted to start a general discussion on the classifier on the video stream improvement idea. I called it theMulti-GPU & Multi-SETor, in short, theMulti-GPU-SETidea. People use Multi-GPU and theSyncingfor Convolutional Neural Networks. But nobody, in my opinion, tried multi-GPU to classify. So what is it about? Well, it is about Olvasson továbbThe Multi-GPU-SET Idea

GPU OpenCL Fine-Tuning Problem Solution

Hello, after about half-year, I at last found the solution to the biggest optimization issue I had so far in the Darknet on OpenCL solution. It was tough to solve, and I even wrote at the AMD Community Post. Today very early morning, I posted on that post solution shown below. CPU CODE THAT INVOKES THE GPU CODE AND USES BOTH GLOBAL AND LOCAL THREAD SPACES! GPU CODE THAT IS ACCELERATED WITHOUT Olvasson továbbGPU OpenCL Fine-Tuning Problem Solution

PhD Progress from May 27th 2020 Update Keynote

Szia, This video was recorded today and shows my Ph.D. first year of study effects in detail. The first on the planetMulti-GPU & Multi-SET image classification patternso, I wish you a happy watch! Thanks for watching! p ;).

PhD OpenCL Challenges

Szia, I want to show you code samples for OpenCL that may be important when you start with this great graphics card computing (GPU-computing) könyvtár. The goal is to make code as good as possible on any platform that supports OpenCL and on GPUs from AMD, Intel, NVidia, and Mali on CPUs from AMD, Intel ARM. All examples are from the Darknet on OpenCL port I did some time ago. The first Olvasson továbbPhD OpenCL Challenges

PhD Progress from March 8th 2020 Update Keynote

This is the status update of my privateafter workprogress on my Ph.D. studies at the Silesian University in Gliwice, Poland. I think it may interest all AI/ML researchers around the world. I covered in 30 minutes the Conventional Neural Network (CNN) engine used to classify the objects on video frames. I also cover my implementation of the Darknet on OpenCL that you can find at https://github.com/sowson/darknet including the goal, idea, Olvasson továbbPhD Progress from March 8th 2020 Update Keynote

GPU OpenCL Fine-Tuning Problem

Szia, today I have a C and OpenCL code fine-tuning problem to think about. This problem is quite complex to solve, and the truth is told, I do not know how and why it does not work. The example is from the actual project at https://github.com/sowson/darknet. Let me first show you slow to compute version of the example method in OpenCL. To give you all the aspects of computation, you need to Olvasson továbbGPU OpenCL Fine-Tuning Problem