Photo Studio Like AI

Hi, as you probably noticed, I still keep the company as a brand and run an artistic activities company… Long story short, I am looking at a challenging and concurrent “market” of Artists 😉 But I wonder about using AI/ML for that tasks. Sometimes one image explains everything… so please look below ;-). When the left is reality, and the right is the possibility ;-). Truth be told AI that was Continue ReadingPhoto Studio Like AI


Hi, today I am under a big impression as a participant in the NVIDIA GTC 2021. So there are still two days of GTC 2021 left. To me, it all started with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s vision, and this morning was the start of the conference with him. And his grand vision in the GPU-Computing area. And I do not want to waste any minute at this moment and watch more presentations. Continue ReadingNVIDIA GTC 2021

Vision of Intel CEO at IntelON

Hello, today I would like to focus on the company in CPU and GPU computing. I lose this company from my radar, to be honest. Intel, the leader in the industry, is a company that builds the strength and foundation of California Silicon Valley. And after observing a presentation that you may watch as well by scrolling this post a bit down, I am amazed at the potential that the new CEO Continue ReadingVision of Intel CEO at IntelON