Batch Processing Aspect in Java

Hi, today I made port of my Batch Processing Aspect in Java. It is quite a bit different aspect than I made previously in C#. In C# I made something that is fully asynchronous and in Java I made aspect that does sync invocations from many threads. I have in my mind uses of this aspect to web application or web api or web Continue ReadingBatch Processing Aspect in Java

Batch Processing Aspect in C#

Hi, today I want to share with you idea of batch processing aspect. It solves an issue with calling T-SQL Server procedures 1-by-1 request for example for inserts calls. And instead of calling 1-by-1 I prepared aspects that you call 1-by-1 but it do it in batches for example up to 100-by-100 like in my test example. Below you can find a code that Continue ReadingBatch Processing Aspect in C#

ParallelExecutorAspect in C#

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of right parallel execution of actions/methods. Imagine at the beginning that you have queue of messages and even some number of threads that in parallel get messages from queue and then there are doing background work. Now if that messages executes actions on relational database you will quickly find out that some of your Continue ReadingParallelExecutorAspect in C#

Coder Legacy

In-Proc Agents CommunicationsHello, this is my first article on Aspect Coder Network and I decide to start with some very modern subject of software architecture I am working on by a very long time before on implementation on this idea on .NET/C# technology stack. It takes me about four years to find best practices of this subject. Which is modeling inter-process communications as a Continue ReadingCoder Legacy

WaiterAspect And PublishersConsumerAspect<T>

Hi, today I am happy to show you a WaiterAspect that has 5 us frequency and PublishersConsumerAspect<T> pattern implementation that has 5 us frequency too. So there are great. Also I want to share with you information that both today presented aspects are created in pure .NET Framework 2.0 and C# 2.0. So it is very easy to use them both in any legacy Continue ReadingWaiterAspect And PublishersConsumerAspect<T>


Hey, below solution is useful when you create a process and you need to be sure that all your  started process by your application will be killed when application end. So I have two examples. First is a console application usage example. Second is a WinForms application usage example. And below you can see 85 lines of the ProcesseesManagerAspect implementation. P ;).

Performance Manager Aspects (New)

Hi today I created powerful combination of performance aspects. First MemoryManagerAspect<T> and second ThreadsManagerAspect. Both of that ideas are for very fast services created on multicore systems. I will show you code that produce following output that can be a proof that it is possible to create very low latency and asynchronous code in C#. This code was produced by Idea of two performance Continue ReadingPerformance Manager Aspects (New)


Hi, this is an implementation, with an output, and no comments. P ;).

The Cryptography PostSharp Aspects

Today I would like to write some aspects for security and encryption of sensitive data in our application. Because I am huge fun of the PostSharp Framework I will try to prepare two aspects. That will be EncryptData and DecryptData aspects. Also I need to be sure that my aspects work very fast. So I will try to measure working aspects with the ANTS Continue ReadingThe Cryptography PostSharp Aspects

UDP Communication Aspect

Hi, Today I would like to show you UDP Communication Aspect. You can consider test that is shown below. It is performance measurement of my last blog entry about communication via UDP over the IP network. And that is very simple Console Application. Ok so, I will show you what is about the worst thing I show you last time. Do you remember that Continue ReadingUDP Communication Aspect