Bonsai Hobby so Far so Good

Hi, I started my bonsai hobby in August 2012. You can see that post titled The Bonsai Tree on my blog, I still have it. Today I want to show you today’s photo of exactly the same tree. Do you think it is still looking good? I have to say that still bonsai tree teaches me to be patient in everything and how to Continue ReadingBonsai Hobby so Far so Good

Four Seasons Bonsai Exhibition

Vivaldi Four Seasons httpvhd:// Spring Summer Autumn Winter P ;).

First Year with Bonsai Hobby

…new fledged birds forsaking nest on tree just after their wings end to grow… P ;).

What my Bonsai Trees can teach to me?

Hi, Today I try to write about my new hobby. Carrying on of bonsai trees. I have got three of them and I need to say that there is a very nice hobby, so far. It corresponding with my gardening passion from a long time ago when I was very young. I learn from my trees that any of things do not like to Continue ReadingWhat my Bonsai Trees can teach to me?

The Bonsai Tree

Hello, today I found my new hobby. It was love from a first seeing. It is small, green and beautiful. I read the description of it on small paper description purchased with it… “…A Bonsai is shaped and cultivated as a way of representing a beauty of nature. Literally translated Bonsai means: tree in a pot. The Bonsai you have purchased was grown in Continue ReadingThe Bonsai Tree