Bonsai Hobby so Far so Good

Hi, I started my bonsai hobby in August 2012. You can see that post titled The Bonsai Tree on my blog, I still have it. Today I want to show Continue ReadingBonsai Hobby so Far so Good

Four Seasons Bonsai Exhibition

Vivaldi Four Seasons [youtube] Spring Summer Autumn Winter P ;).

First Year with Bonsai Hobby

…new fledged birds forsaking nest on tree just after their wings end to grow… P ;).

What my Bonsai Trees can teach to me?

Hi, Today I try to write about my new hobby. Carrying on of bonsai trees. I have got three of them and I need to say that there is a Continue ReadingWhat my Bonsai Trees can teach to me?

The Bonsai Tree

Hello, today I found my new hobby. It was love from a first seeing. It is small, green and beautiful. I read the description of it on small paper description Continue ReadingThe Bonsai Tree