Product of The Year 2017

The winner is: eGFX Breakaway Puck RX 570 aka Beauty Beast Pros: Natively support macOS 10.13.1, support ghost HDMI adapter, very quiet, awesome :-). Cons: Price :-(, ghost HDMI adapter could be included. p ;-).

eGFX Breakaway Puck Beauty Beast

Hi, I recently posted about the Sonnet eGPU company product. I think it was too big, too heavy and overall not nice. But I found on YouTube a nice video when the Sonnet representative had a small box to present, and he named it puck solution. It was awesome. I found on the research and development of the company that this is something Sonnet is planning to do and lunch. I was Continue ReadingeGFX Breakaway Puck Beauty Beast

IoT Platform PoC

Hi, I am starting a new coding adventure that probably takes me a few weekends. It will be IoT Platform PoC based on Multi Service Bus Core 2.0. I have only one Raspberry Pi 3, and for PoC, I plan to use a small sensor, maybe for the temperature in our home. I do not have a sensor that can use MQTT, but I really want, so if you can borrow one Continue ReadingIoT Platform PoC

Review Roard

Hi, I will use 3 thousand words on 3 draws today. What can I say? can you tell me what you folks think about those ideas by 2 authors? About 1 or maybe 2 subjects… Are you get the point? The answers are below this text… Piotr . Paulinka . p ;).

eGPU for MacBook Pro 13

Hi, today I would like to share with you my recent idea to improve the GPU of my MacBook Pro with an external GPU on the Thunderbold 3 connection. I invest into Akitio Thunder3 PCIe Box. Not because it is the best and the fastest solution, but because it looks nice and small. I know that for developers, Apple sells for $599 eGPU based on Sonet company case, but it looks for Continue ReadingeGPU for MacBook Pro 13

Who Reads this… Sugar

Hi, time and life are going forward unpredictably… some people make great careers, have excellent visibility, present knowledge at conferences, make videos, train, and even receive great awards. I am trying to exist on the same Internet world to share and give back… I was never honored by any public award, and my name is not even on the Polish blogger’s list about software, but you know what? I do not really Continue ReadingWho Reads this… Sugar

Multi Service Bus Core

Hi, this is a day I have been looking forward to for about two years. At least I can put here a pre-release of the Multi-Service Bus Core solution. It is a pre-release because .NET Core 2.0 is still in the preview2 stage. This is, for me, revolutionary code. It is something best I ever did. The C# piece of code that before even .NET Core started supporting WCF Service Host, I Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Core

Code Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall – Solution

I feel really disappointed because I have not received any solution from anyone for this puzzle. The solution to this is very trivial with the correct tools. Tool I am using to solve this is Simple Service Bus. I want to remind you what was the architectural design pattern. And below you can find very trivial and working solution. Can you explain why nobody solves this? Just wonder. The only thing I Continue ReadingCode Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall – Solution

Simple Service Bus Training

Hi, today I prepared my first screencast training on YouTube about the Simple Service Bus I made. It took me a lot of effort, and it is just a start. If you like such content, please share that information in the comments. I would love to make more such videos in the future. Here you can find ( downloads). Enjoy! p ;).


Hi, today I would like to share with you SimpleServiceBus solution. I created this because I want to combine my all previous experience in communication components and both Multi-Core and Multi-Threading knowledge. The main reason for making this solution was to create the same simple abstraction for communication In-Proc, In-Host, and In-Net in exactly the same way. SimpleServiceBus was build as a combination of the 3 flavors 5 simple generic components Requester<ReqMsg>, Continue ReadingSimpleServiceBus

Common Communicator

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of creating common communication components. I have done it many times and even prepared my presentation with many examples of such problem-solving. After some experiments, I created a few design diagrams that simultaneously implement communication in minimal and advanced ways. So, let me show you the design of common communicator you can create for your solution. As you can may see, there Continue ReadingCommon Communicator

Coder Legacy

In-Proc Agents CommunicationsHello, this is my first article on Aspect Coder Network and I decide to start with some very modern subject of software architecture I am working on by a very long time before on implementation on this idea on .NET/C# technology stack. It takes me about four years to find the best practices in this subject. Which is modeling inter-process communications as a key of aspects designing for modeling multi-agent Continue ReadingCoder Legacy