Action<T> and Func<T, TResult> in Java 8

Hi, as a .NET/C# coder I found the issue that there is not Action<T> and Func<T, TResult> equivalents in Java environment. I am self-study this to prepare myself to the OCA certification and I had idea that I can use lambda expression and implement simple equivalents of C# delegates in the Java 8. Below you can find implementation with test cases. I found that the code can be very easy, because lambda Continue ReadingAction<T> and Func<T, TResult> in Java 8

ParallelExecutorAspect in C#

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of right parallel execution of actions/methods. Imagine at the beginning that you have queue of messages and even some number of threads that in parallel get messages from queue and then there are doing background work. Now if that messages executes actions on relational database you will quickly find out that some of your work is done right, but because of some Continue ReadingParallelExecutorAspect in C#


Hi, today I would like to share with you small project I wrote in 2006 during my experiments with Oracle Database and C# with just launched this time ADO.NET. In this time there was not many tools for simple write queries and execute them in an easy way, so I decided to write on my own small tool that took about 350 lines of C# code and allow me did experiments. And Continue ReadingODBBrowser