Scaling Yourself

Hi, To be honest, I did not know how to scale myself, especially at work or on any work I did. How to have time for everything? How to make priorities of my daily activities to stay current and stay productive? So, I did not know how to doing so. But I had a goal. I made the decision I will be Software Architect. You can believe me or not, but I Continue ReadingScaling Yourself

The magic number of 7000 unique visits

Hi, Today I reach magic number of 7k visits on this blog. First of all thanks very much for reading my entries and for every comments on blog or within conversations with me. I wonder about something nice to say about adventure with .NET/C# that I am huge fan. And I have two things in my mind right now to store here today. “I realized that every problems is trivial after finding Continue ReadingThe magic number of 7000 unique visits