The way from zero to team player

Hi, my dear readers. Today I would like to write about my way of growing in my career. It took me a lot of time, really. The elevator speech said I was a zero, the hero, and even a superhero for a short period, and then I realized the equation. That team player behavior equals me = me+team and grows exponentially. For everyone who loves math, you probably see that. If you Continue ReadingThe way from zero to team player

I am Unicorn: Why? What? Where?

Hi, I am pleased, and I do not have to sit and wait till this feeling goes away ;-). And today I want to tell you that the supper happy is nothing wrong, but you have to answer not only one but the three questions in the order… changing order is prohibited :P. So… why? What? Where? I am the Unicorn? :-). Why? (the best answer: I need it!) Why do you Continue ReadingI am Unicorn: Why? What? Where?

Stay Fearless, Stay Courage!

Hello, I have just realized I forgot about my blog audience by not making any posts for a while… So I am doing it right now. Please forgive me for a bit of irony sound… I prepared for today’s 3 short illustrated stories. Truth be told, I often think about life and death, like most people during the pandemic. I think I spent too much money last year to have a chance Continue ReadingStay Fearless, Stay Courage!

Game of 2020 ⇪ The Settlers

Hello, as many of you probably know, I love strategic thinking, and even with small ELO, I love classic chess. But also strategic games. The thing is that recently there has been a lot of them. However, none can be compared to the latest Blu Byte and Ubisoft production, which is The Settlers. It is like a magic fairy tale word, great balance, and I think it is a long time to Continue ReadingGame of 2020 ⇪ The Settlers

Show me the Money

Hello, as you probably noticed, I started the young entrepreneur journey a few months ago. My company name is, and many people asked me why I made this move? Especially in this challenging pandemic time? First of all, that was my dream. I have always wanted to write software. To be known as a software creator. And for about 10 years on this blog, I gave many things for free, and Continue ReadingShow me the Money

Darknet in OpenCL on Beagleboard AI

Hi, today I have a fascinating single-board computer named Beagleboard AI.So far, my favorite single-board computer was Darknet in OpenCL on Asus Tinker Board S. Let’s login via SSH on the flashed system on the SD card and configure it. I connected to it also hardware webcam Logitech C920… but just before, I will show you the design and then command prompts to make it use Darknet on OpenCL piotr@hania ~ % Continue ReadingDarknet in OpenCL on Beagleboard AI

Hania PC… well… it needs macOS

Hello, after a recent and viral post with our, mine and my daughter, about Hania – our new PC – for my Ph.D. work… I would like to tell you a story with a happy ending. I always dream of a unique and beauty Mac Pro, which is, in my opinion, well… a dream machine for any researcher, especially in AI/ML field. Do not get me wrong… I love Open Source, and Continue ReadingHania PC… well… it needs macOS

Green PC

Hi, today I will, instead of any new idea, show you my latest upgraded DreamPC. I used it for some time for Image Recognition, and it works quite well. Once, I was involved by myself in a self-study about Convolutional Neural Networks and the C code. I used CentOS GNU/Linux, but now I am bringing it back. I want to share the spec. It is not so impressive, I believe. But it Continue ReadingGreen PC