How AI improve business

Hello, I am impressed by the last talk on TED by Shervin Khodabandeh. and it inspired me to write this post here. The TED talk points out that AI is better for suggestions and advice for people, and in the end, people make a decision. Please think about bank credit, the next chess move, and new sell or buy opportunities in the investments. Recently I made a new site for testing my Continue ReadingHow AI improve business

Is OpenCL beats CUDA?

Hi, there is no short answer to that question. I found that only the best implementation of OpenCL is on macOS, and I compared Nvidia Titan RTX 24GB GDDRX VRAM ($3000) on GNU/Linux, on CUDA, on OpenCL… and to beat it, I chose AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 VRAM ($700), but on GNU/Linux is slow, very slow. However, on the installed by me macOS on Hania PC, this AMD GPU computation time Continue ReadingIs OpenCL beats CUDA?

Product of The Year 2017

The winner is: eGFX Breakaway Puck RX 570 aka Beauty Beast Pros: Natively support macOS 10.13.1, support ghost HDMI adapter, very quiet, awesome :-). Cons: Price :-(, ghost HDMI adapter could be included. p ;-).

eGFX Breakaway Puck Beauty Beast

Hi, I recently posted about the Sonnet eGPU company product. I think it was too big, too heavy and overall not nice. But I found on YouTube a nice video when the Sonnet representative had a small box to present, and he named it puck solution. It was awesome. I found on the research and development of the company that this is something Sonnet is planning to do and lunch. I was Continue ReadingeGFX Breakaway Puck Beauty Beast

Motivational Speach

I was never trying to give a motivational speech, and I probably will never do it publicly. But after great people like Steve, Oprah, Joan, and Bill, who had given a speech to postgraduates of Stanford and Harvard, I want to try to write my own three stories of my life, no big deal, just three stories. I know I am not a category of persons I have seen, and I try Continue ReadingMotivational Speach

Review Roard

Hi, I will use 3 thousand words on 3 draws today. What can I say? can you tell me what you folks think about those ideas by 2 authors? About 1 or maybe 2 subjects… Are you get the point? The answers are below this text… Piotr . Paulinka . p ;).

eGPU for MacBook Pro 13

Hi, today I would like to share with you my recent idea to improve the GPU of my MacBook Pro with an external GPU on the Thunderbold 3 connection. I invest into Akitio Thunder3 PCIe Box. Not because it is the best and the fastest solution, but because it looks nice and small. I know that for developers, Apple sells for $599 eGPU based on Sonet company case, but it looks for Continue ReadingeGPU for MacBook Pro 13

Batch Processing Aspect in Java

Hi, today I made port of my Batch Processing Aspect in Java. It is quite a bit different aspect than I made previously in C#. In C#, I made something fully asynchronous, and in Java, I made an aspect that syncs invocations from many threads. I have in my mind uses of this aspect in web applications or web API or web service implementation with a static controller field, for example, named Continue ReadingBatch Processing Aspect in Java

TEDx Krakow 2015

Hi, today I was on the biggest TEDx in Poland, TEDx Krakow 2015 #tedxkrakow. The event was amazing. There were a lot of talks, presentations, and shows given by amazing presenters. Also, I meet great people with passion at the Conference Center ICE. I really enjoy today’s event, and you probably in a short time see all presentations on the TEDx Krakow website. Today I played with robots in a checkers game, Continue ReadingTEDx Krakow 2015

SQL Ninja uses ORDER BY with CASE

Hi, today I want to show you simple technique which can be used when you need parameterised ORDER BY clause in T-SQL. Sometimes you may want to have an elegant query. An example is today’s code review that I gave to a colleague. On the Internet is very difficult to find such a solution. So, I decided to show it to you here. There are many possible scenarios for this example usage. Continue ReadingSQL Ninja uses ORDER BY with CASE

Using of TextWriter by StringBuilder

Hi, today I want to share with you very simple idea of using correctly TextWriter class. You can imagine that TextWriter is created on the network stream solution in SOA (WCF), REST (WebAPI), or Web (ASP.NET) applications. When you write to that stream very often, you could have a lot of unnecessary round-trips between clients and servers. But there is a nice technique with StringBuilder I want to share with you the Continue ReadingUsing of TextWriter by StringBuilder

Birthday Wishes

Hi, I have birthday next week May 4th and I want to make some wishes today. My family wishes all the best for me, my wife Agnieszka, and our daughter Paulina, a lot of health and a happy time together. A wish that has already come true is life in a home where everyone feels happy. But I want to keep it to ensure all my family members feel good. So, wish Continue ReadingBirthday Wishes

PWM Controller

Hi, for some time, I designed my own hardware. It is a simple PWM Controller for PC fans. My PC motherboard has 4 pins PWM connectors, and I want to control the speed of fans, including a stop of them all. To build a semi-passive PC that is completely silent when I am watching TV. I found this idea on Tech Power Up site. So the idea is not mine, but the Continue ReadingPWM Controller

SQL Ninja gets Products from Group Tree CTE

Hi, today I want to show you comparison of 2 possible techniques for get data about all Products mapped to the Product Groups tree. I wrote, as usual, one T-SQL script that you can run each time you want to modify something to recalculate your results and check how they perform in your SQL Server. There are 2 nice things you can get from provided example. First is 2 ways of calculation Continue ReadingSQL Ninja gets Products from Group Tree CTE

Coding by to Design of KinectCamV2

Hi, today I want to share with you design example of KinectCamV2. Steve Jobs sometimes used to say that design is not about how solutions and devices look. It is about how they work. And I have seen today a very nice design example at the home of KinectCamV2. So, I now have a good idea for today’s post for my blog. The best design example is watching how people use your Continue ReadingCoding by to Design of KinectCamV2

The Clock

Hi, today I made a nice clock for my blog, I put it just under my picture on it. And because I like how it is built, I want to share the solution with you. This solution is nice, because it uses ProcessingJS library. And because I really like analog watches and the simple way I made them, I want to share the solution with you. You can download source code here Continue ReadingThe Clock