iChess.io v2.27

This is a day, I was looking forward entire year. I remember the moment when we discuss with Professor Jacek Izydorczyk the subject of math oriented AI that can be very enjoyable and valuable, the Game of Kings. But first, we considered to reaserch AI in the medical aspects of usage, the financial, and then I told that the best in class AI is for gaming but the only game I am Continue ReadingiChess.io v2.27

The iChess.io v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning ;-)

Hi, it has been some time since the last entry on this blog… ;-). I almost forget how nice it is to write a blog post in the middle of the night with AirPods music :P. Truth be told, I almost dropped this iChess.io project once on the aiChess.io I could not make sufficient working self-learning of the chess. I do not want to use any books on chess, only, like they Continue ReadingThe iChess.io v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning 😉

Tic Tac Toe

Hello, today I would like to share with you work done in 2011, the tic tac toe game. It is based on jQuery and pure JavaScript, so you can see its source code. And that is why I will not share the HTML5 JS CSS code separately here, so let’s play! Enjoy! p ;).

The Clock

Hi, today I made a nice clock for my blog, I put it just under my picture on it. And because I like how it is built, I want to share the solution with you. This solution is nice, because it uses ProcessingJS library. And because I really like analog watches and the simple way I made them, I want to share the solution with you. You can download source code here Continue ReadingThe Clock

Type Script


Hi, True be told I am a huge fan of all languages produced by one of the greatest creator of our time in my industry area Anders Hejlsberg. One of his last idea is TypeScript as you probably know. And mentioned he as co-author of this language described it as a superset of JavaScript. I was happy when I found on Arek’s blog info and interview with Anders mostly about this language Continue ReadingType Script