KinectCamV2 for Kinect V2

Hi, There is new Kinect V2 device and I have this amazing new device since Friday. I bought it from Microsoft Store in last week and of course I check if new version of Kinect and its SDK 2.0 support working as a Web Cam. And it is not so I decided to create new version of KinectCam for Kinect V2 and I named it KinectCamV2. But lets begin with first unpacking Continue ReadingKinectCamV2 for Kinect V2

KinectCam on YouTube

Hi, today I would like to share a very nice tutorial created by Makes Sense on YouTube. It is nice to see when someone likes my solution and creates a very nice easy to share explanation of how to use KinectCam. I would like to thank you for creating it for the author of this very nice tutorial and share it here. I have only one improvement in mind when I am Continue ReadingKinectCam on YouTube

KinectCam version 1.1

Hi, today I finished working on KinectCam version 1.1 that you can download from KinectCam post on my blog. It is located at Kinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam page. I was asked several times to create version with some settings that user can change. And I was wondering some time how to put settings on local computer in most convenient way. First idea was to use registry, but unfortunately webcam Continue ReadingKinectCam version 1.1

Kinect and Lync

Hi, I was asked about combination of those two elements. How to write a plugin for Lync to have a chance to use Kinect for video conferencing propose. So, I do not know, but I can help hare with explanation how to get video frames from Kinect and display this video stream. Here is my method below for getting data frame by frame from Kinect RGB camera. And please forgive me I Continue ReadingKinect and Lync

Kinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam

This is solution for Original Kinect for Windows. If you are looking for solution for Kinect V2 you need to go to my recent post about that at KinectCamV2. To install get ( downloads) and enjoy! or ( downloads) or ( downloads), unpack, run install.bat as Administrator. Version 1.2 has freeze bug fixed and there is new version that support HD mode in 1280×960 resolution. ( downloads), unpack, run install.bat as Administrator. Continue ReadingKinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam

Begin of Kinect for Windows Coding Adventure for Fun

Hi, today is June 27, and it is really my lucky day. For every month at 27 something nice happened to me and sometimes even for me. Today I received at last my own Kinect for Windows device. Shipping of it took more than a week, but at last today I was be able to unpack my own box with it. Possibility of ordering it is another benefit of working in London. Continue ReadingBegin of Kinect for Windows Coding Adventure for Fun