Floating Pointers on OpenCL cl_mem

Hi, First welcome in 2018 on my blog, I hope you all feel excited in the new year like me, sorry to be silent for a while, but I was absorbing my first GitHub fork which is “sowson/darknet” and I was coding like a crazy one. Still, I have several to-dos on this code, but I really like it. And regarding this journey, I would like to share with you something awesome Continue ReadingFloating Pointers on OpenCL cl_mem

IoT Platform PoC

Hi, I am starting a new coding adventure that probably takes me a few weekends. It will be IoT Platform PoC based on Multi Service Bus Core 2.0. I have only one Raspberry Pi 3, and for PoC, I plan to use a small sensor, maybe for the temperature in our home. I do not have a sensor that can use MQTT, but I really want, so if you can borrow one Continue ReadingIoT Platform PoC

Multi Service Bus Core Released

Hi, today, the .NET Core 2.0 was released, so I am happy to announce that Multi Service Bus Core is now ready for production. I developed it on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, and below, you can find the test results of this ready-for IoT and Multi-Core coding library… I did not change anything in the code from the last post about Multi Service Bus Core, so you can download it from that post Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Core Released

Review Roard

Hi, I will use 3 thousand words on 3 draws today. What can I say? can you tell me what you folks think about those ideas by 2 authors? About 1 or maybe 2 subjects… Are you get the point? The answers are below this text… Piotr . Paulinka . p ;).

Action and Func in Java 8

Hi, as a .NET/C# coder I found the issue that there is not Action<T> and Func<T, TResult> equivalents in Java environment. I am self-study this to prepare myself for the OCA certification, and I had the idea that I could use lambda expression and implement simple equivalents of C# delegates in Java 8. Below you can find implementation with test cases. I found that the code can be straightforward because lambda expressions Continue ReadingAction and Func in Java 8


Hi, today I would like to share with you implementation of new SimpleServiceBus that now uses Apache.Thrift and Protobuf.NET and is faster because of that. The first reason for using those libraries was, of course, performance, but also, I wanted to build something completely new, SimpleDatabaseBroker. To use this code in SQL Server 2012, I needed something different than dependency for System.ServiceModel.dll because that cannot be used as SQL CLR. In other Continue ReadingSimpleDatabaseBroker

Common Communicator

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of creating common communication components. I have done it many times and even prepared my presentation with many examples of such problem-solving. After some experiments, I created a few design diagrams that simultaneously implement communication in minimal and advanced ways. So, let me show you the design of common communicator you can create for your solution. As you can may see, there Continue ReadingCommon Communicator

Coder Legacy

In-Proc Agents CommunicationsHello, this is my first article on Aspect Coder Network and I decide to start with some very modern subject of software architecture I am working on by a very long time before on implementation on this idea on .NET/C# technology stack. It takes me about four years to find the best practices in this subject. Which is modeling inter-process communications as a key of aspects designing for modeling multi-agent Continue ReadingCoder Legacy

Generic Free Pattern

Hello, below you can find C# 2.0 Generic Free Pattern example that I just invented ;). Only generic code is invoked, but it is called without generic type. I have a better idea of implementing this pattern, but it needs the introduction of 3rd usage of our keyword in C#, and I cannot make it. However, I could make this pattern, and I hope you like it. Now you can write generic Continue ReadingGeneric Free Pattern

Data Model Async

Hi, I saw million times solution with ThreadPool or sometimes event with new async keyword in C# 5.0. And so many times, I want to tell people that they’re doing it in the wrong way. About a half year ago, someone told me I tend to keep too much only for me. I am trying to change this. So, what is the best way to do async? It uses a data model Continue ReadingData Model Async

New Bonsai and Fastest Binder

Hi, I am very happy to say that I have new one bonsai tree :), I know I have them everywhere. This one will grow up on my desk in my new workplace. The reason for having bonsai trees and carrying them is because of my favorite team role, the Plant. I like plants, especially bonsai trees, as you may already know. I want to say also that the acting Plant/Creator role Continue ReadingNew Bonsai and Fastest Binder

Performance Manager Aspects (New)

Hi today I created powerful combination of performance aspects. First MemoryManagerAspect<T> and second ThreadsManagerAspect. Both of that ideas are for high-speed services created on multicore systems. I will show you code that produce following output that can be a proof that it is possible to create very low latency and asynchronous code in C#. This code was produced by Idea of two performance aspects. First, manages memory to help in garbage collector Continue ReadingPerformance Manager Aspects (New)