My first Custom Loop for Hania PC

Hi, today I want to share a short photo story about making the custom loop water cooling on my PC. The specification is the same as described at Hania PC on GitHub. So the idea is old. Now the question is, why I needed the water cooling? Well, in small form factor ITX motherboards, when I used strong GPU, it simply overheats the motherboard in some tasks like Blender rendering or Gaming Continue ReadingMy first Custom Loop for Hania PC

AMD vs NVIDIA GPU-Battle 2020 Final

Hi, the GPU world market battle of 2020 is a privilege to watch… you probably remember my last post about chess-visualized NVIDIA domination. Well, not anymore. Many testers publicly say that Ampere 3090 GPU is very hot, with huge power consumption… Maybe that is why there are on the NVIDIA presentation was taken from the oven? I presume if you got lucky and have one, your P.C. case is like an oven. Continue ReadingAMD vs NVIDIA GPU-Battle 2020 Final

AMD vs NVIDIA GPU-Battle 2020

Hi, what can I say? Is it still possible for AMD wins the GPU market world domination game, but it will be almost impossible after the last NVidia move… what do you think? There is still an option to win A6-A7, but the situation is difficult for AMD Hetman because NVidia Hetman can B5-B6 :). I really enjoyed watching the last NVidia GPU lunch. It is simply amazing and a bit of Continue ReadingAMD vs NVIDIA GPU-Battle 2020

Ph.D. Hanna (Hackintosh) is Ready

Hi, Today I want to show you my new Ph.D. research workstation… I know it is black and red… but I love ASUS ROG ;-). Do not worry. It will be only specifications and pictures without too many words ;-). Simply I disassembly Hania PC (prototype) and improved some elements by 2 times. SPECIFICATION Case: ASUS ROG Strix Helios Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming ATX Central Processor Unit: Intel Core i9-9900K, Continue ReadingPh.D. Hanna (Hackintosh) is Ready

Ph.D. Hania (Hackintosh) is Ready

Hi, I would like to show you my finished Hackintosh build photos with all peripherals devices from Apple and Speakers from the IK Multimedia named iLoud… I think it is fantastic, so take a look at the less than $5000 build with the best OS on the planet… macOS Catalina :P… I love Apple :P. What do you think? SPECIFICATION (ALL FRIENDLY NAMES IN BRACKETS WERE MY DAUGHTER’S IDEA) Case: NCase M1 Continue ReadingPh.D. Hania (Hackintosh) is Ready

Hania PC… well… it needs macOS

Hello, after a recent and viral post with our, mine and my daughter, about Hania – our new PC – for my Ph.D. work… I would like to tell you a story with a happy ending. I always dream of a unique and beauty Mac Pro, which is, in my opinion, well… a dream machine for any researcher, especially in AI/ML field. Do not get me wrong… I love Open Source, and Continue ReadingHania PC… well… it needs macOS

Green PC

Hi, today I will, instead of any new idea, show you my latest upgraded DreamPC. I used it for some time for Image Recognition, and it works quite well. Once, I was involved by myself in a self-study about Convolutional Neural Networks and the C code. I used CentOS GNU/Linux, but now I am bringing it back. I want to share the spec. It is not so impressive, I believe. But it Continue ReadingGreen PC

New Dream PC

Hi, at the begin of this year I upgraded my Dream PC, to make sure I will be able to play The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Mortal Kombat X and Project CARS. After a few months, when everything worked better than I expected, I decided to show you what my Dream PC designed by myself, looks like. I decided to buy all parts separately and connect all parts to have fun with Continue ReadingNew Dream PC

PWM Controller

Hi, for some time, I designed my own hardware. It is a simple PWM Controller for PC fans. My PC motherboard has 4 pins PWM connectors, and I want to control the speed of fans, including a stop of them all. To build a semi-passive PC that is completely silent when I am watching TV. I found this idea on Tech Power Up site. So the idea is not mine, but the Continue ReadingPWM Controller

ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge Challenge

Hi, if you like build PC like me, you may win exclusive SLI bridge from Asus at ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge Challenge. All you have to do is send your photo with your build. I take three photos of my last build that I want to share with you as an example of my build PC passion. So, if you like that challenge, please take your chance. That exclusive SLI bridges are Continue ReadingROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge Challenge

Dream for Gamer

Hi, today I describe dream that came true for me. It was built by Dream PC computer, designed for computer games I have loved since childhood. I even created some pictures I want to share with you here. I build my Dream PC from some old and new parts. Because I added parts for many years. First I put everything on the table. All parts for my Dream PC. I use all Continue ReadingDream for Gamer