Impressive Elon Musk talks at TED2022

Truth be told, I spend many sleepless nights making code, but looking back also, I see this as simply not a healthy practice. So, I enjoy a bit similar mindset. And also, I too believe Computer Vision has a bright future! ;-). p ;).

Multi Service Bus Core on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi, today thanks to a solution that I found on the Internet named Setting up Raspian and .NET Core 2.0 on Raspberry Pi I was able to configure .NET Core 2.0 and Multi Service Bus Core on the Raspberry Pi 3. This is a kind of PoC – Proof-of-Concept that makes it possible to use on R Pi 3 for sensors for IoT my own service bus. The mentioned solution Multi Service Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Core on Raspberry Pi 3

Multi Service Bus Core Released

Hi, today, the .NET Core 2.0 was released, so I am happy to announce that Multi Service Bus Core is now ready for production. I developed it on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, and below, you can find the test results of this ready-for IoT and Multi-Core coding library… I did not change anything in the code from the last post about Multi Service Bus Core, so you can download it from that post Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Core Released

SQL Queries Tuning by Brent Ozard

Hi, today I want to share with you training that I get from one colleague today. This is available at Watch Brent Tune Queries [Video] I have to said that I really enjoy this presentation and charisma of the presenter. And I learn a lot from his presentation. So I decided to share it with you. One thing I cannot agree with within my experience is changing requirements to tune up queries. Continue ReadingSQL Queries Tuning by Brent Ozard

KinectCamV2 for Kinect V2

Hi, There is new Kinect V2 device and I have this amazing new device since Friday. I bought it from Microsoft Store last week, and of course, I checked if the new version of Kinect and its SDK 2.0 support works as a Web Cam. And it is not so I decided to create new version of KinectCam for Kinect V2 and I named it KinectCamV2. But lets begin with first unpacking Continue ReadingKinectCamV2 for Kinect V2

Just Productivity Tools

Hi, I just get from Telerik very cool Just Code productivity tool. I received a “Complimentary Developer License with Subscription and Priority Support” license for free because one lady likes bonsai like me :). Just kidding, I get it to have a chance to write this review. I try also installed Just Decompile tool because it is free, and I had fillings that two tools can help me do complementary work. I Continue ReadingJust Productivity Tools

Kinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam

This is solution for Original Kinect for Windows. If you are looking for solution for Kinect V2 you need to go to my recent post about that at KinectCamV2. To install get ( downloads) and enjoy! or ( downloads) or ( downloads), unpack, run install.bat as Administrator. Version 1.2 has the freeze bug fixed, and the new version supports HD mode in 1280×960 resolution. ( downloads), unpack, run install.bat as Administrator. Version Continue ReadingKinect for PC and Skype means KinectCam

ForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Hi, do you remember my previous post about Foreach in WCF? Today I would like to show you only code samples of the same problem but with REST technology because I searched the Internet, and there is no example of server and client site setup property in .NET 4.0. In my opinion, you can often find implementation with the HttpClient class that wastes time. I will present you with a project stored Continue ReadingForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Foreach in WCF Generic Implementation (New)

Hi, Today I try to resolve in elegant and generic way problem of getting very big amount of data from WCF server. This is my resolution for that problem, and it is based on the materialization of a generic IEnumerable interface for both the client and server site. On the server side, I try to prepare a generic way for getting any kind of data from any kind of data source. Also, Continue ReadingForeach in WCF Generic Implementation (New)