The v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning ;-)

Hi, it has been some time since the last entry on this blog… ;-). I almost forget how nice it is to write a blog post in the middle of the night with AirPods music :P. Truth be told, I almost dropped this project once on the I could not make sufficient working self-learning of the chess. I do not want to use any books on chess, only, like they Continue ReadingThe v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning 😉

ForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Hi, do you remember my previous post about Foreach in WCF? Today I would like to show you only code samples of the same problem but with REST technology because I searched the Internet, and there is no example of server and client site setup property in .NET 4.0. In my opinion, you can often find implementation with the HttpClient class that wastes time. I will present you with a project stored Continue ReadingForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

WCF and REST singing Killing me SOAPtly

Hi, Last few weeks I spend with doing many experiments with WCF and REST. I know there is an ASP.NET Web API, but it is not stable yet. So, how can we create a well-designed, fast, and scalable system with REST and forget about SOAP? Answer is very simple, it can be done with WCF 4.0 with the WebHttpBinding binding and the WebHttpBehaviour behaviour. But, starting from the beginning. I found very Continue ReadingWCF and REST singing Killing me SOAPtly