GPU-Computing for Vision Recognition Platform as IoT

Hi, my dear readers. Today I would like to tell you three technical stories. It will be stories with a happy ending… and you know me..? I am unsure if that story happens precisely this way, but the story is true. IoT Idea Story ;-). First of all, you probably know my passion for IoT? And also, as a tool builder, sorry to say, I do not like to buy the software Continue ReadingGPU-Computing for Vision Recognition Platform as IoT

Multi Service Bus Project Launch

Hi, I started today Multi Service Bus (GIT repo) project. Already I have full C# implementation. And I will be working on other language implementations. First, I will start on Java and then on C++. I have some ideas on how to make this in Java, but overall I am not a Java expert, only a C# expert, so that may be a bit difficult at the beginning. But I will be Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Project Launch