The Best of All for Software Architects

Hi, I saw this talk several years ago and that completely change my viewpoint of software architecture. The presentation was given by Juval Lowy, the best Software Architect I know, and the cool thing about His Method is that He shares it on the Internet. When I saw it, I realized I want to implement it in practice. He used WCF, I wrote SimpleServiceBus to deliver the same, but it took me Continue ReadingThe Best of All for Software Architects

MultiThreadingProtectorAspect<T, TResult>

Hi, today I would like to share with you another aspect for protection service method in multi-threading environment. I also try to examine how fast this solution is and how much of the CPU time it consumes. Todays implementation is extended for most popular usage and it is a method that return value and it is still protected. I will try to show you a test program that will be a kind Continue ReadingMultiThreadingProtectorAspect<T, TResult>

ForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation

Hi, do you remember my previous post about Foreach in WCF? Today I would like to show you only code samples of the same problem but with REST technology because I search the Internet and there is no example of both Server and Client sites setup property in .NET 4.0. Very often you can find implementation with the HttpClient class that is waste of time in my opinion. I will present you Continue ReadingForeachREST in WCF Generic Implementation