The Best of All for Software Architects

Hi, I saw this talk several years ago and that completely change my viewpoint of software architecture. The presentation was given by Juval Lowy, the best Software Architect I know, and the cool thing about His Method is that He shares it on the Internet. When I saw it I realized I want to implement it in practice. He used WCF, I wrote SimpleServiceBus Continue ReadingThe Best of All for Software Architects

Modern Challenges of Software Architecture

Hi, have you ever wonder about answer for a question what makes a great architecture really great? Of course there are many aspects in many projects and everything shall correspond with functional requirements. But in my opinion nothing can be build based on functional requirements. It is exactly the same situation like when we trying to design for example buildings or power lines and Continue ReadingModern Challenges of Software Architecture

The Useful Soft Skills for Software Engineers

Today I realized that most of my blog entry is a technical programming stuff. There is question on mine mind is it really best value for Software Engineers to become the Coding Guru Guy? So, I like to write about something different than coding, design, measurement of performance or new technologies. I like today telling you about something that can be most important for Continue ReadingThe Useful Soft Skills for Software Engineers