Is OpenCL beats CUDA?

Hi, there is no short answer to that question. I found that only and the best implementation of OpenCL is on macOS and I compared Nvidia Titan RTX 24GB GDDRX VRAM ($3000) on GNU/Linux, on CUDA, on OpenCL… and to beat it I chose AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 VRAM ($700), but on GNU/Linux is slow, very slow. However, on the installed by me macOS on Hania PC, this AMD GPU computation Continue ReadingIs OpenCL beats CUDA?

Code Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall – Solution

I feel really disappointed, because I have not received any solution form anyone, for this puzzle. Solution of this is very trivial with correct tools. Tool I am using to solve this is Simple Service Bus. I want to remind you what was the architecture design pattern. And below you can find very trivial and working solution. Can you explain why nobody solve this? Just wonder. The only thing I do not Continue ReadingCode Puzzle – Get Behind Firewall – Solution

Learn Java so Far so Good Java 1D Array

Hi, I am happy to announce, that my learn Java journey at the Hacker Rank is going very nice. Today I was very happy to solve the code puzzle named Java 1D Array (Part 2) and this puzzle has already 39.64% success rate. And it category Data Structure Challenges most of the code puzzles has more than 90% of success rate. So far, so good, I have in Java 313 points and Continue ReadingLearn Java so Far so Good Java 1D Array

Duplicater for Duplicate Search

Hi, today I would like to show you very simple idea, that is not implemented in any operating system I know. The Duplicater is a simple solution for find in folders tree duplicates of files with different names but with the same content. Solution is very simple. It analyzes folder structures and get all files and calculates MD5 sums for each file. When any duplicate will be found with the same MD5 Continue ReadingDuplicater for Duplicate Search

Happy Holidays at The End of 2014

Hi, as you know year 2014 is almost going to end. This year for me was full of innovations. I made a new version of KinectCam for Kinect for Windows V2 and later, I made some performance improvements with the frame generation algorithm to make it really fast. I made a breakthrough with the testing tool TSQLTester that was chosen at my work to testing performance with full regression of our database Continue ReadingHappy Holidays at The End of 2014