Who Reads this… Sugar

Hi, time and life is going forward unpredictable… some people make great careers and have very good visibility, some presenting knowledge on conferences, some making videos, trainings and even receive great awards. I am trying to exist on the same Internet world to share and give back… I was never honored by any public award and my name is not even on Polish bloggers Continue ReadingWho Reads this… Sugar

Blog Stats

Hi, I want to today share with you last stats of my blog. I am happy about the results. And it looks like I have many new readers and I am very happy of that. Especially my blog has nice visits per day average in this month around 120 per day. Views Stats – Last 30 Days Shares Stats – Downloads Counters But you Continue ReadingBlog Stats

First Brief about Amazing NDepend

Hi, about a week ago I received message from Patrick Smacchia about new version of NDepend, also He gave me Professional version of this amazing tool. I wonder what kind of interesting information I can get from NDepend. As you probably know at the end of the 2010 year I published on the CodePlex one mathematical open source project named HopfieldSimulator at http://hopfieldsimulator.codeplex.com/, this Continue ReadingFirst Brief about Amazing NDepend