First Ph.D. Studies Failure Fruits

Hello, I wanted to confess that I failed the first try at the Ph.D. program because I changed my job. In the next few months, I try to get back on track but again from the beginning. You may ask why you changed such a fantastic job you had? I will not answer this here. All I can say is that I do not want to answer. Now I am part of Continue ReadingFirst Ph.D. Studies Failure Fruits

Asking for Help

Hi, I send one email to one of the greatest .net podcast producers I have ever met, Carl Franklin, who produce .NET Rocks! episodes, you know and I asked If He could help me and record a conversation with someone about .NET and OpenAuth2 library implementation and all security staff around those subjects because I dig entire Internet and I could not find any good material to help me understand how can Continue ReadingAsking for Help