The Best of All for Software Architects

Hi, I saw this talk several years ago and that completely change my viewpoint of software architecture. The presentation was given by Juval Lowy, the best Software Architect I know, and the cool thing about His Method is that He shares it on the Internet. I realized I wanted to implement it in practice when I saw it. He used WCF, I wrote SimpleServiceBus to deliver the same, but it took me Continue ReadingThe Best of All for Software Architects

Why People Work

Hi, I found few days ago very cool presentation given by Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? I think no explanations are needed. It is a very cool subject and has excellent experimental results. So, if you want to be a manager or lead one day, keep it in mind. P ;).

Asking for Help

Hi, I am sending one email to one of the greatest .net podcast producers I have ever met, Carl Franklin, who produce .NET Rocks! episodes, you know and I asked If He could help me and record a conversation with someone about .NET and OpenAuth2 library implementation and all security staff around those subjects because I dig entire Internet and I could not find any good material to help me understand how Continue ReadingAsking for Help