Hi, today I am happy to announce PLSQLTester that is version of TSQLTester that works on Oracle database instead of Microsoft SQL Server. It works basically the same. and below you can find how it looks. It depends only on ODP.NET provider so, assembly Oracle.DataAccess need to be installed to build this solution. And it works the same way like TSQLTester there are following parameters: connectionStringFile, testCodeSqlFile, newCodeSqlFile, oldCodeSqlFile and preCodeSqlFile, postCodeSqlFile. Continue ReadingPLSQLTester

TSQLTester for SQL Ninja with Mocking

Hi, I am using very often TSQLTester from the moment it was created. And it saved me a lot of time with my performance challenges. Of course my favorite advantage of TSQLTester is testing content of data. Today I would like to extend first implementation and give you option for mocking of procedures of functions that in standard production cases connecting to the Service Bus or writing to some Queue implementations in Continue ReadingTSQLTester for SQL Ninja with Mocking

TSQLTester for SQL Ninja

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of testing tool for T-SQL developers who want to not only replace stored procedures with fasters stored procedures but also want to be sure that old code on SQL Server produces exactly the same results as a new optimized and tuned up one. I created this tool as command line to easy integrate with possible automate of testing and TSQLTester.exe has 4 Continue ReadingTSQLTester for SQL Ninja

Become more Agile with Behavior Driven Development and Spec#

Hello, everyone want to be more Agile in some cases, sometimes teams use Scrum sometimes event Kanban wallboard. Today I would like to tell you story about Test Driven Development (TDD) and its enhancement that is Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Of course all about Agile and Software production is about test automation. I know a few software engineers that know the power of TDD and I do not know why only a Continue ReadingBecome more Agile with Behavior Driven Development and Spec#