How AI improve business

Hello, I am impressed by the last talk on TED by Shervin Khodabandeh. and it inspired me to write this post here. The TED talk points out that AI is better for suggestions and advice for people, and in the end, people make a decision. Please think about bank credit, the next chess move, and new sell or buy opportunities in the investments. Recently I made a new site for testing my Continue ReadingHow AI improve business

Impressive Elon Musk talks at TED2022

Truth be told, I spend many sleepless nights making code, but looking back also, I see this as simply not a healthy practice. So, I enjoy a bit similar mindset. And also, I too believe Computer Vision has a bright future! ;-). p ;).

Learn Computer

Hi, today I would like to share some amazing research results on one of the TED presentations by Agüera y Arcas. For my college Master’s Thesis, I work on neural networks working as associative memory. So basically, to some point, I understand the subject very well. I am happy that Deep Learning using the Perceptron Neural Network works so nicely. I wonder if it will be possible to use Cognitive services that Continue ReadingLearn Computer

TEDx Krakow 2015

Hi, today I was on the biggest TEDx in Poland, TEDx Krakow 2015 #tedxkrakow. The event was amazing. There were a lot of talks, presentations, and shows given by amazing presenters. Also, I meet great people with passion at the Conference Center ICE. I really enjoy today’s event, and you probably in a short time see all presentations on the TEDx Krakow website. Today I played with robots in a checkers game, Continue ReadingTEDx Krakow 2015

Looking for Inspirations

Hi, as you know I am on vacation right now and that vacation, unfortunately, is just going to end. It was a nice time for me. First of all, it was our first vacation in a warm place after about 8 years of hard work and trying to build or maybe even rebuild our life. So it was nice to experience overall. And I had the cool opportunity to think about many Continue ReadingLooking for Inspirations

Why People Work

Hi, I found few days ago very cool presentation given by Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? I think no explanations are needed. It is a very cool subject and has excellent experimental results. So, if you want to be a manager or lead one day, keep it in mind. P ;).