Learn Computer

Hi, today I would like to share some amazing research results on one of the TED presentations given by Agüera y Arcas. For my college Master’s Thesis, I work on neural networks working as associative memory. So basically, to some point, I understand the subject very well. I am happy that Deep Learning using the Perceptron Neural Network works so nicely. I wonder if it will be possible to use Cognitive services Continue ReadingLearn Computer

TEDx Krakow 2015

Hi, today I was on the biggest TEDx in Poland, TEDx Krakow 2015 #tedxkrakow. The event was amazing. There were a lot of talks, presentations and shows given by amazing presenters. Also in the Conference Center ICE I meet great people with true passion. I really enjoy today event and you probably in short time see all presentation on the TEDx Krakow web site. For me today I play with robot in Continue ReadingTEDx Krakow 2015

Looking for Inspirations

Hi, as you know I am on vacation right now and that vacation, unfortunately, is just going to end. It was a nice time for me. First of all, because it was our first vacation in a warm place after about 8 years of hard working and try to build or maybe even rebuild our life. So it was nice to experience overall. And I had cool opportunity to think about many Continue ReadingLooking for Inspirations

Why People Work

Hi, I found few days ago very cool presentation given by Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? I think no explanations is needed, it is very cool subject and nice experiments results. So, if you want to be manager or lead one day, keep it in mind. P ;).