Multi Service Bus Project Launch

Hi, I started today Multi Service Bus (GIT repo) project. Already I have full C# implementation. And I will be working on other languages implementations. First on Java and than on C++. I have some ideas how to made this in Java, but overall I am not Java expert, only C# expert, so that may be a bit difficult at the beginning. But I will be working on this, even if I Continue ReadingMulti Service Bus Project Launch


Hi, today I would like to share with you implementation of new SimpleServiceBus that now uses Apache.Thrift and Protobuf.NET and is faster because of that. First reason of use those libraries was of course performance, but also I want to build something completely new which is SimpleDatabaseBroker. For use this code in SQL Server 2012 I needed something different than dependency for System.ServiceModel.dll because that cannot be used as SQL CLR. In Continue ReadingSimpleDatabaseBroker


Hi, today I would like to share with you SimpleServiceBus solution. I created this because I want to combine my all previous experience in communication components and both Multi-Core and Multi-Threading knowledge. The main reason for make this solution was to create the same simple abstraction for communication In-Proc, In-Host, In-Net in exactly the same way. SimpleServiceBus was build as a combination of the 3 flavors 5 simple generic components Requester<ReqMsg>, Requester<ReqMsg, Continue ReadingSimpleServiceBus

MultiThreadingProtectorAspect<T, TResult>

Hi, today I would like to share with you another aspect for protection service method in multi-threading environment. I also try to examine how fast this solution is and how much of the CPU time it consumes. Todays implementation is extended for most popular usage and it is a method that return value and it is still protected. I will try to show you a test program that will be a kind Continue ReadingMultiThreadingProtectorAspect<T, TResult>


Hi, Have you ever wants to protect your method against many concurrent thread in multi-threading environment? Let’s say you have WCF service implementation and in that implementation best practice is create static class with static methods because of performance (static is about 40% faster than non-static). Oh right and let’s say that you need to access to for example file store in that file something or you have field that should be Continue ReadingMultiThreadingProtectorAspect<T>

The Powerful Async Pattern in .NET 2.0 with Threads

Hi, in my last blog entry The Powerful Async Pattern in .NET 1.1 without TPL and Async CTP1 I wrote about async pattern in .NET 1.1. And today I would like to show pattern with threads for .NET 2.0. Example code is very similar except RunAsync method that I will show below. If you would like to test it you need last entry code and replace only this method to the new Continue ReadingThe Powerful Async Pattern in .NET 2.0 with Threads