Performance Counter Logger

Hi, today I would like to share with you idea of the Performance Counter Logger. This tool is for logging performance counters values and it solves issues with built-in PerfMon in Windows that collect data only for some time window and cannot auto pause when process not working. So I wrote Performance Counter Logger to solve that issue. it is very small almost trivial Continue ReadingPerformance Counter Logger


Hi, today I am happy to announce PLSQLTester that is version of TSQLTester that works on Oracle database instead of Microsoft SQL Server. It works basically the same. and below you can find how it looks. It depends only on ODP.NET provider so, assembly Oracle.DataAccess need to be installed to build this solution. And it works the same way like TSQLTester there are following Continue ReadingPLSQLTester

Just Productivity Tools

Hi, I just get from Telerik very cool Just Code productivity tool. I received “Complimentary Developer License with Subscription and Priority Support” license for free, because one lady likes bonsai like me :). Just kidding, I get it to have a chance to write this review. I try also install Just Decompile tool because it is free and I had fillings that those two Continue ReadingJust Productivity Tools

First Brief about Amazing NDepend

Hi, about a week ago I received message from Patrick Smacchia about new version of NDepend, also He gave me Professional version of this amazing tool. I wonder what kind of interesting information I can get from NDepend. As you probably know at the end of the 2010 year I published on the CodePlex one mathematical open source project named HopfieldSimulator at, this Continue ReadingFirst Brief about Amazing NDepend