Third usage of C# out keyword with Roslyn Intro

Hi, today I want to share with you innovative solution idea I want to make with Visual Studio 14 CTP that I found by looking to Roslyn project on CodePlex site. So what is the case here? Do you remember one of my last blog entry about Generic Free Pattern. That was solution that can be used for making C# similar to JavaScript when you write the code, but type safe when Continue ReadingThird usage of C# out keyword with Roslyn Intro

Fluent Transform Extensions

Hi, today I would like to show you how trivial ETL in C# 4.0 can be. Many times we need transform model objects from one kind to another. I try to prepare for today easiest way to do that. I prepared small helper class with extensions for our objects with tree following methods: Serialize, Transform and Deserialize. You may be wonder how it works. Below I show you an example. Ok, and Continue ReadingFluent Transform Extensions