The v1.27 is Ready to Play Publicly with Reinforcement Learning ;-)

Hi, it has been some time since the last entry on this blog… ;-). I almost forget how nice it is to write a blog post in the middle of the night with AirPods music :P. Truth be told, I almost dropped this project once on the I could not make sufficient working self-learning of the chess. I do not want to use any books on chess, only, like they say, reinforcement learning. So I did at last ;-). There are many things I have learned since this project started about 6 months ago. And I have to say that all my original thoughts and ideas were right, only my coding skills needed more attention, but I had a perfect time sometimes overnight, with the beauty of C and GNU/Linux coding my version of the best game that it is. What now? The game will slowly become better and better till some moment my cloud hardware will be able to adapt. If you want to play anytime, feel free. At the end of this entry to mention, I did not enable learning from other human playersopponentsI do not even log your move or anything like that, as I firmly believe privacy is a fundamental human right. So no tracking on this site!

p ;).

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