The way from zero to team player

你好, my dear readers. Today I would like to write about my way of growing in my career. It took me a lot of time, 真的. In the elevator speech saying I was a zero, then the hero, then even superhero for a short periodand then I realized the equation. That team player behavior equals me = me+team, and grows exponentially. For everyone who loves math, you probably see that. If 繼續閱讀The way from zero to team player

How AI improve business

你好, I am impressed by the last talk on TED by Shervin Khodabandeh. and it inspired me to write this post here. The mentioned TED talk points out that AI is better for suggestions and advice for people, and in the end, people make a decision. Please think about bank credit, the next chess move, and new sell or buy opportunities in the investments. Recently I made a new site for testing 繼續閱讀How AI improve business

PhD is not for me

你好, it is hard to believe, but this is the 230th post on this blog. Time goes fast. But this is not the subject of today’s post. About a half year ago, I decided on it. I would like to officially say that I dropped the Ph.D. program, and I will not do it again for sure, at least for some time. After two tries in 2019 和 2021 of starting the 繼續閱讀PhD is not for me

Impressive Elon Musk talks at TED2022

Truth be told, I spend many sleepless nights making code, but looking back also, I see this as simply not a healthy practice. 所以, I enjoy a bit similar mindset. And also, I too believe Computer Vision has a bright future! ;-). 磷 ;).

Product of the Year 2021

And the winner is ;-). Apple AirPods Pro ;-). No doubts for sure! Congratulations to Apple and engineering Wizards from Cupertino, CA! I am honored to give this award to Apple for the break-truth product with the best marketing ever. You maybe wonder why? It is because Apple is so proud of this product, that does not have to even put its logo on it ;-). And they figured it out without 繼續閱讀Product of the Year 2021

Windows 上 OpenCL 上的暗網 11 x64

你好, Windows 上有很多挑戰 11 x64 與 AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT. 最近幾個月我不時開始嘗試在 Windows 上構建 10 首先是 x64,後來我更新到了 Windows 11 x64. 我遇到了以下未解決的問題: 1) 花費在檢測上的時間要長得多,而且 10 數量比 GNU/Linux 或 macOS 多幾倍. 2) Detections are wrong 繼續閱讀Windows 上 OpenCL 上的暗網 11 x64

蒂姆庫克在 DealBook 2021

你好, I would not be myself If I did not bring this to my blog. It is not any secret that I love Apple products. The toys for big boys, in the beginning, become super-powerful computers on your packet and even hand. That would be my elevator story about Apple. Please do not get me wrong, I am not as usual advertising, but the thing is a very influencing interview so, please 繼續閱讀蒂姆庫克在 DealBook 2021

英偉達 GTC 2021

你好, 今天作為 NVIDIA GTC 的參與者,我印象深刻 2021. 所以還有兩天的GTC 2021 剩下. 大部頭書, 這一切都始於 NVIDIA 首席執行官黃仁勳的願景, 今天早上是與他的會議的開始. 以及他在 GPU 計算領域的驚人願景. 我不想在這一刻浪費任何一分鐘多看 繼續閱讀英偉達 GTC 2021

IntelON 英特爾 CEO 願景

你好, 今天我想專注於CPU和GPU計算的公司. 我從雷達上失去了這家公司, 老實說. 英特爾, 行業領導者, 是一家打造加州矽谷實力和基礎的公司. 在觀看了您也可以通過向下滾動這篇文章來觀看的演示文稿之後, 我對新任 CEO 的潛力感到驚訝 繼續閱讀IntelON 英特爾 CEO 願景

The Best Chess Opponent

你好, I would like to present to you the best chess game I love, it is simple, ascetic, strong enough and always have time even if it is a bit anonymous, the game has a name and it is Deep Shredder 13. The game was quite difficult in many moments where I did not know what to do. I almost lose my voice to comments entire game took me almost 1 hour. 繼續閱讀The Best Chess Opponent

I pull up at the club

你好, I was looking today for inspiration. Truth be told, thanks to the inspiration, I can keep going hard work. My PhD studies program mentor used to say that I am not working like an Owl, but working like an Ant :磷. I learned that knowledge is essential nowadays, and one of the influencers at Linked-In recently wrote that relaxing is a responsibility. 所以, please look inside you, find this responsibility and 繼續閱讀I pull up at the club

There is one more thing on this Fall

你好, not sure, but I would be really impressed if tomorrow Apple would introduce something completely new. Last month, the first Fall event was proper, poolish, good, well done, but not amazing. True be told, when the Apple Wizards Engineering team is making something new, the level of expectations is very high, 在我看來. I understand that A-class players made great products. A decade ago, Apple lost Steve Jobs’s visionary, but 繼續閱讀There is one more thing on this Fall

There is one more day left!

你好, my dear readers! Today I want to write about all rumors I found about tomorrow’s big event, the Apple Fall Event 2021… 所以, what could we expect? I think many analytics and market experts want to know the answer. What do I think it may be? 好… New Apple Watch 7 with body temperature and blood sugar level would breakthrough in the industry. I was also thinking about a new category 繼續閱讀There is one more day left!