iChess.io v2.27

這是一天, 我一整年都在期待. 我記得我們與 Jacek Izydorczyk 教授討論數學導向的人工智慧主題的那一刻,這是非常有趣和有價值的, 國王的遊戲. 但首先, 我們考慮研究AI在醫療方面的使用, 金融的, 然後我告訴我,最好的人工智慧是用於遊戲的,但我是唯一的遊戲 繼續閱讀iChess.io v2.27

iChess.io v1.27 已準備好透過強化學習來公開對弈 ;-)

你好, 自從上次在這個部落格上發表文章以來已經有一段時間了… ;-). 我幾乎忘記了半夜聽著 AirPods 的音樂寫博文是多麼美好 :磷. 說實話, 有一次我在 aiChess.io 上差點就放棄了這個 iChess.io 項目,我無法對國際象棋進行足夠的自學. 我不想使用任何國際象棋書籍, 僅有的, 像他們一樣 繼續閱讀iChess.io v1.27 已準備好透過強化學習公開對弈 😉

iChess.io Project Ready to Play

你好, today I want to share the project iChess.io I have been working on for some time. And invite you to play 😉 With AI with Graphics Card acceleration in short GPU acceleration to make each move at least 5 seconds by the game engine. It is a self-study solution that will be stronger after each game, but each game a bit :D. You may see the below video that shows almost 繼續閱讀iChess.io Project Ready to Play

Darknet on OpenCL on FreeBSD 13.1

你好, recently I helped a bit for a GitHub user rajhlinux. I am not sure if you are familiar with this Operation System. I am only a bit. But the beauty of C and C++ is that it works on different OSes and works fast! Below cute daemon image is from Wikipedia, and you can click on it to learn more. This user, a fan of FreeBSD, was using version 13.1 and 繼續閱讀Darknet on OpenCL on FreeBSD 13.1